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Macintosh 512k

Photo of the front of the Mac 512k: the opening is the floppy; at the bottom is the keyboard connector that used a phone like cable (category 3)

Mac512k back image

Photo of the back of the Mac 512k: ports are at the bottom (mouse, floppy, printer, modem, sound) with the black hole on the right being the power plug. At the bottom on the side (look at the right corner) are two buttons that were the interupt (programmers) key and a reset button.

The complete Mac512k set. I believe the keyboard is larger than what the original would have been (since it has a numeric keyboard). The Mouse is original. The keyboard uses a CAT3 (phone) type cord and the mouse uses a nine pin serial (rectangle) connector that plugs in on the back. The Apply mouse pad is a from the mid 1990s. There are also a couple of manuals sitting next to it.

MacPaint with the words "Hello World!" on it.

Another picture of the back.


Mac 512k


Apple Computer Inc.

Original Price

$2000.00 (I paid $5 at a thrift store)

Mass storage options

some hard drives were manufactured that could be connected through the floppy drive port

Removable storage options

internal floppy drive (400k 3.5" disks); external floppy was optional


mouse, floppy, printer, modem, sound (in that order as pictured above)


Motorola 68000 at 8mhz


512k (as in 1/2 of 1 meg)

Video Display

builtin 9" monochrome display (512 x 384)

Video memory



8 bit

Operating Systems

1.0 - 6.0.8 (the only limitation keeping it from 7.5.5. is memory)


very good & clean

Software I have for this machine

Here is a large photo showing the screen just after boot here to see

Here is a movie (Quicktime) of the Mac 512 booting up from a floppy.