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Macintosh SE/30



Macintosh SE/30


Apple Computer Inc.

Original Price

(paid $7 at a school auction in 1999)

Mass storage options

internal SCSI (original 40 meg)

Removable storage options

1.44 meg floppy


2 serial, floppy port; SCSI port; 2 ADB; internal PDS expansion slot (filled with an ethernet card)


68030 @ 16mhz


8 30pin simm slots (two banks); this one has 8 megs of ram

Video Display

builtin 9" monochrome display (512 x 384)

Video memory


Operating Systems

Mac OS 6.x - 7.5.5


very clean, perfect working order; it can surf the web!

Software I have for this machine

My SE30 hooked up to the Apple Scanner.

Another view of the scanner

Photos showing the inside of the SE30

This is the inside of the case. The monitor/CPU have been pulled from the front.

This is the computer/monitor without the shell (as seen in the photo above). The top of the computer is on the left, the bottom on the right.

This is from the top corner looking diagonally. Notice the hard drive immediately below the screen/monitor.

The rainbow ribbon cable is going from the ethernet card in the SE30 PDS slot to the port on the back of the computer.

This is a photo from the back of the computer. The port in the middle is the ethernet port that is connected to the rainbow ribbon cable.

At the bottom are two ADB ports, external floppy port, external SCSI port, two serial ports.