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PowerMac 5200/75 upgraded to 5500/225



Power Mac 5200/75LC


Apple Computer Inc.

Original Price


Mass storage options

IDE hard drive; 500 meg original size

Removable storage options

2x CDROM; 1.4 meg floppy


SCSI, 2 serial (Geoports), ADB


PowerPC 603 @ 75mhz


72pin SIMMS (2 slots)

Video Display

built in 15inch monitor

Video memory


Builtin stereo speakers and microphone (hole at top of monitor); speakers are to the right and left of the CDROM and floppy drive.

Operating Systems

Mac OS 7.5.3 - 9.0.4


very clean

Software I have for this machine


This machine has been upgraded to a PowerMac 5500/225mhz, 64 megs of RAM, and a 4 gig hard drive. This was done by swapping the motherboards. It also has two Ethernet ports, one through the COMM slot, the other a PCI card filling its one slot. There is also a video in/out capture card.

I also have a 56k modem attached. The ZIP drive is also attached, as well as a SyQuest EZ 135, a SyQuest EX Flyer 230, and a Visoneer PaperPort Strobe scanner. These are all attached through the SCSI chain.

Here are photos of the SyQuest drives hooked up to this machine. I left the other items in the photo to give a sense of size. The EZFlyer 230 is on the left, the EZ Drive 135 on the right in gray.