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Apple PowerMac 7100/66

This is the PowerMac 7100/66 with a 14inch Apple monitor.


Apple PowerMac 7100/66


Apple Computer Inc.

Original Price

~$2,000 (I paid $5.95 at a local thrift store)

Mass storage options

internal SCSI (external SCSI also)

Removable storage options

3.5" floppy; SCSI CDROM (upgraded from original to 24x)




PowerPC 601 @ 66 mhz (bus is 33mhz)


88 megs of ram (two 8 SIMMs, two 32 SIMMs, and 8 built in to the motherboard)

Video Display

601 Processor Direct Slot (PDS) video with 1 meg vram; built in video also uses system ram

Video memory

1 meg VRAM on PDS video card



Operating Systems

Mac OS 7.5.x - 9.1 (currently 8.6)


Working fine; case needs cleaned and insides need dusted

Software I have for this machine



This is the front of the PMac 7100/66. It is the same case as several other models, most notably the Quadra 650 and the IIvx. The CD-ROM is a 24x upgrade from the original, which was probably a 2x or 4x.

Side angle view

Rear view -- the expansion slot dust covers are missing.

The ports from left to right - SCSI (25 pin), AAUI (ethernet), high density video (special Apple monitor port that supplied power and sound to special monitors - rarely used), 2 geoport serial ports, ADB port, sound out, sound (mic) in.

The PDS video slot is filled with the HPV card that has 1 meg vram and a Mac video port.

Side view with the case open

In order to upgrade/access the ram slots, you have to pull out the 230 watt power supply (which is sitting next to the case), and then remove the CDROM.
This is another internal photo, this time with the power supply installed. That black box is the 350 meg SCSI hard drive.