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Apple PowerMac 9500/120

This is the PowerMac 9500/120 ready to be upgraded (disasembled). Click here to see a normal photo of one.


Apple PowerMac 9500/120


Apple Computer Inc.

Original Price

A generous donation to the museum

Mass storage options

internal SCSI (external SCSI also)

Removable storage options

3.5" floppy; SCSI CDROM


ADB, SCSI, 2 Serial, Audio In, Audio Out, AAUI & 10 base-T ethernet


PowerPC 604 @ 120mhz


192 megs ram

Video Display


Video memory




Operating Systems

Mac OS 7.5.x - 9.1 (currently 9.1)


Used as a network server and router

Software I have for this machine



Click on the above photo for a closer view.

This is a view of the motherboard. Notice the six white slots -- this was the first, and only one of two models (the other being the 9600), to ship with six PCI expansion slots. Most Macs with PCI slots shipped with only 3.

The battery is purple in the bottom of the photo with the 8 ram slots next to it. The processor plugged into the brown slot in the middle of the board.

This is the empty outer case with the processor sitting on top. That is the heat sink on it.

This is the side of the 9500. Notice those cords hanging there -- connections to the SCSI bus for the internal CDROM and hard drives and power to the motherboard.


This case design is very painful to work with. In order to upgrade RAM, the machine has to be disassembled as in the photos. Apple has certainly gotten better with the G3 Blue and White and PowerMac G4 cases.