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Apple PowerMac G4 800 (Quicksilver)

This is the Power Mac G4 800.


Apple PowerMac G4


Apple Computer Inc.

Original Price

Bought used on eBay for ~$400

Mass storage options

built in ATA/66; 2 external USB ports; 2 external Firewire 400 ports

Shipped with one 40gig hard drive

Removable storage options

ATA DVD-R/CDRW drive; IOMega ZIP drive


USB, Firewire,


PowerPC G4 @ 800mhz


~1 gig

Video Display

Radeon 7500 AGP card

Video memory




Operating Systems

Mac OS 9.2 - 10.4 (last PowerMac able to boot into OS9)

Upgrades Installed

Sonnet Tempo ATA 100 PCI card

USB 2.0 PCI Card (added four ports)

Memory upgrade from 256 megs to 1024 megs


Used as the main family computer for four years


Click on the above photo for a closer view.


View of the back of the G4, showing the built in ports, plus the ports added via the PCI slots.

The G4 opened (used the same drawbridge design as the first Blue and White G3 -- a great design)

PCI slots and RAM slots

The mainboard of the G4. The four PCI slots (white on the left), the AGP slot, the three RAM slots, and the G4 processor (and huge heat sink)

G4 Inside 1

This shows the hard drives in the bottom of the tower. There are two installed (it only shipped with one originally).

The tag on the G4 shows the configuration when it left Apple. (I erased most of the serial numbers in this photo, but they are intact on the machine)


Information about this model is available on