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Macintosh LC 550

LC 550 front

Mac LC 550 front view. The small hole at the top of the monitor is the microphone. There is room for an optional internal SCSI CD-ROM next to the floppy drive. The front bottom also has contrast and volume controls along with the headphone jack.

Mac LC 550 rear view. The power cord is going in about the middle of the machine. Below that is the access panel that, when open, allows you to completely pull out the mother board (which is very easy to work with). At the bottom of the machine are the various ports (2 ADB, 2 Serial, 1 SCSI, 1 mic, 1 sound out, 1 ethernet (using the internal LC PDS slot)).


Mac LC550


Apple Computer Inc. (from February 1994 through March 1995)

Original Price

$1,200.00 (I paid $15 at a school auction)

Mass storage options

Internal SCSI hard drive; external SCSI

Removable storage options

1.44 Floppy, (CD-ROM optional)


1 - SCSI; 2 - serial ports; 2 - ADB for keyboard and mouse; 1 - headphone; 1 - builtin microphone; 1 LC PDS slot internal (filled with an ethernet card)




20 megs of RAM (1 - 16meg 72 pin simm; 4 on motherboard)

Video Display

builtin 14" Sony Trintron

Video memory


Operating Systems

Mac OS 7.1-7.6.1 (this one is running 7.5.5)


very good

Software I have for this machine