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Atari 800 

The Atari 800 is an 8 bit home computer from the late 1970's and early 1980s.


Atari 800



Original Price

$10 at a local rumage sale (with a box of accessories)

Mass storage options

hard drives?

Removable storage options

casette tapes or floppy drives


4 joystick ports (in the front); monitor port (special cable turns an round port into left, right, and video RCA type connections); serial port for floppy drives, cassette drives; power plug for external power supply;




48k (three 16k RAM expansion cards); 16 was the default?

Video Display


Video memory


Operating Systems



Fully functional;

Software I have for this machine

Still cataloging all of the software that was in the box. Below are photos of the cartridge based games. There were also a number of floppy disk based games.

I no longer own this package.

This is a closeup of the Atari 1050 floppy disk drive (5.25"). Not sure if it is functional. Appears to power on and spin disks, but I haven't gotten it to work beyond that.

This is the front with the cover open. This is where the ROM based cartridges are inserted. You can also see the four joystick ports on the bottom of the front. One nice innovation was the fact that the power would turn off when this lid was opened. This prevented users from accidentally inserting or removing a cartridge with the power on.

This is the top panel removed, exposing the RAM expansion slots. There are three 16k RAM cards (one is pulled for display). The frontmost card is labeled OS, but I'm not sure what it does.

Also, the bottom of the yellow function keys is the power light.

This is the back and side of the machine. The ports on in the black area (which is on the right side of the keyboard). The cable coming out the back is used to connect it to a TV (RF modulated).

Third party joysticks.

This is a sample of the joysticks available. The upper right is a track ball (for centipede) and the other joystick is held with one hand using the rainbow colored buttons and the other hand using the joystick.

ROM based cartridge paks.

ROM based cartridge paks.

ROM based cartridge paks.

ROM based cartridge paks.