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Acer Pentium 60

I was given this machine. I am currently using it to host web pages by using Apache and Linux. Surprising performance for the technical specs of this machine.




Acer Computer

Original Price

(This was given to me.)

Mass storage options

Internal IDE hard drives (shipped with 500 meg -- I added a 1.2 gig drive, but only one drive can be connected at a time, since it shares the same cable as the CDROM).

Removable storage options

floppies, CDROMs



Intel Pentium @ 60mhz


six ram slots (72pin SIMMS); originally sold with 8megs, now it has 48megs

Video Display

Acer 17T monitor

Video memory

1 meg


ISA sound card

Operating Systems

MS DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 4, Linux


Caldera's Open Linux installed and it is being used as a web server

Software I have for this machine

The original owner gave me all of his documentation and the software that shipped with it (MS Windows 3.1, Quicken, special Acer software that provided a menu type GUI that ran on top of Win3.1)


This is a view of the back of the Acer. It has 3 PCI slots and 4 ISA slots (1 shared). It also had 2 serial, 1 parallel, and 2 PS2 ports.
This is the front of the Acer with the case off. I added the 5.25" floppy (black), just because I had a spare. I also added ram and an extra hard drive.
This is the inside of the Acer. The Pentium processor is on the right with the black fan on it. The ram slots (6) are under the cables in the middle. The front of the machine is on the right.
This is a close up of the hard drive compartment. There is room for two drives, however the motherboard only supports two IDE devices. This limits the number of hard drives, especially since this machine has an IDE CDROM.
This is the printer that the original owner used with this machine. It is a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 540c with a parallel interface.