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TRS-80 Micro Color Computer (MC-10)

The floppy disk is a regular 3.5" floppy and is in the photo to give an idea of how small this cousin to the Color Computer was. The black box on the right is the external AC power supply. The cord in the back of the unit is the RCA cable that connects the video out to a standard TV.


Micro Color Computer TRS-80 (MC-10)


Tandy (Radio Shack)

Original Price

$3.00 at a local Goodwill. Catalog price of $79.99 + $49.99 for the RAM module ( )

Mass storage options

cassette tape

Removable storage options


RS-232 serial, expansion slot, cassette tape port, RCA jack for video out (RF modulator is internal), A/C power supply port


Motorola 6803


4k; 16k ram expansion (as pictured)

Video Display


Video memory


Operating Systems



working and very clean

Comments from visitors

You pointed out that you were unsure of the catalog price of the Tandy MC-10. It was $49.99. It was only in the catalong for about a year and a half. I still have know idea why they sold it. By the time it came out the coco2 was down to 99.99 and always on sale for 79.99. Then the coco 3 came out ahd the MC-10 died. Great marketing.


You state on your page for this computer that the original price was $49.99; actually, if you look at this scan of a Tandy catalog page:

it shows the original MSRP as $119.95. Thought you’d want to know. Interesting little computer…somebody (don’t recall who) even put out a newsletter on it for a while. I’ve seen scans of it on the web.

Software I have for this machine


From left to right: power port, RCA out (RF modulator is inside), ram expansion slot, red reset button, mini DIN RS232 serial port (used primarily for printers), and cassette port used to save to tape.

This is a closeup of the MC-10's keyboard. It is a chicklet style keyboard and is very hard to use. Each key also has a BASIC command associated with it, which is typed by holding the CONTROL key in the lower left corner while striking one of the others.