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TRS-80 Model 100 

This is the Radio Shack (TANDY) TRS-80 Model 100. It is considered by many as the first laptop.


TRS-80 Model 100


Tandy (Radio Shack)

Original Price


Mass storage options

cassette tape & floppy disk drive

Removable storage options


RS-232C, Printer, Phone, and Cassette




32k Ram

Video Display


Video memory


Operating Systems



Functional, but broken keyboard

Comments from visitors

Software I have for this machine

Built in BASIC and several PDA like apps -- address book, text editor, telecom, and calendar


From left to right:RS-232C, Printer, Phone, and Cassette

This is the right side -- power switch and power plug

I think this is some sort of serial port (there was a bar code reader, was this the port it used?)

Notice in the upper left the battery compartment. It uses four AA batteries! Very efficient with power! The other open area looks like some sort of ROM slot.

This is the top hinged open.

This is a close up of the broken keyboard. Notice that board's dent? That is below the Y key and makes several keys non functional.


Close up of the screen. (The shadow is me taking the picture.)