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Tandy Color Computer 3 (CoCo)

This is a photo from when I received the CoCo 3 as a Christmas gift in 1989. I forgot that I had this photo...

This is a Radio Shack commercial from 1987 (or so).



Tandy Color Computer 3 (TRS-80 was the name of earlier models)


Tandy / Radio Shack

Original Price

$299 (?)

Mass storage options

SCSI Hard drives

Removable storage options

5.25" Floppy more common ranging from 160k - 365k

Tape recorder such as: CCR-81


1 Cassette; 1 Serial; 2 joystick; 1 RGB monitor; 1 RF modulated (TV); 1 RCA video; 1 RCA Audio; 1 cartridge/expansion slot



128k expandable to 512k (hobbyists have taken it 8megs)

Video Display

640x200 hi-res (CM-8 Monitor pictured above and below)

Video memory


Operating Systems

Color Extended Basic; Disk Extended Basic; OS-9 Level II


moderate; working

Software I have for this machine

Optional Tandy CCR-81 Tape Recorder:

CCR81 Tape Recorder

Optional Tandy DMP-106 printer (9 pin dot matrix; serial connection; compatible with PCs too):

Software that I have for either the CoCo2 or CoCo3:

This is a Tandy CM-8 monitor that I found at a local Goodwill for $3! It works and will replace my original CM-8 that was struck by lightening and hasn't had correct colors since.

Here are some scans for Mission: Rush N Assault by Diecom Products