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Evolution of the all in one Apple Macintosh

This page describes the evolution of the case designs for the all in one Macs, which is to say all Macs that had the computer, monitor, and drives housed in one physical unit.

There were several generations of all in one Macs, starting with the original Mac in 1984. The basic case shape didn't change, until the early 1990's. This second generation contained 68030 and 68040 processors and had larger screens built in.

In the mid 1990's, a new case was introduced with the PowerPC processors. These were sold as LCs to the education market and Performas to consumers.

With the introduction the G3 processor, a new all in one case was introduced but it was short lived. This is the G3 All In One (or G3 AIO) and was a short lived design, due to the introduction of the original iMac.

The original iMac case underwent changes over the years that it was produced, including color schemes, cooling designs, and optical drives, but the basic shape stayed the same.

When the iMac G4 with flat screen was introduced, a less expensive machine was produced for the education market, called the eMac. Eventually, the eMac was sold to anyone and not limited to education.

After the iMac G4, Apple created the iMac G5 which was a new case design. This design is still in use today (2008).

Below are photos of all of these designs, with the photos being links to pages with further information about those machines.

The original Mac 128k/512k

The Mac SE/Classic

The Mac Color Classic

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The LC 550/575

The PowerMac 5000 series

The G3 all in one

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The iMac G3

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The eMac

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The iMac G4

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The iMac G5/Intel

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